Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting App Reviews

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It's ok....

This application is doable. Thanks

Give them the laughs

These little guys are Awesome

Captain JA Ferraro


Ratings won’t stop

It won’t stop asking me to rate it

Excessive requests for reviews are miserable


Good app, going to keep dropping stars for every time u ask to rate you!!!!!

STOP ASKING ME TO RATE YOU!! I gave a good review, I like the app... but your killing me with everytime I use it I get asked... also u need to link to keyboard... Zillow and Starbucks are linked, why is this not...

I like it, works fine and a lot of fun.

This app is so annoying asking to rate it every time you open it.


Nice app!



Stop Please

I am hoping if I rate the app it will stop asking me to rate the app.


💁🏻I got what👁 paid4!🎯

Nice !!

Solid App 🙌🏻

App is ok...

App developers are a little needy and smothering with regard to rating. Now please, I bought it, leave me alone with the continuous "rate me."



Can be fun

It hard to use. However I'll get the hang of it. The results are worth it.


It is so frustrating to be asked every time you use the app to rate it, that's a good way to make me delete it!


I've only had the app a short time. So far it's nice to have something other than the standard emojis. However, you can't do anything without being basically begged to rate the app. Also, there's nowhere near 3000 to use. Not enough for the price.

App harasses you to review!!!!!

Great emojis, but I hate that it asks for review consistently! It takes the fun out of using it. It's also insulting since I paid for the app! Leave your customers alone!

Fun fun fun


Lots of fun!

All of the emoticons and this collection are very cute to do that. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I wanted more animated larger emoticons and I thought that they would be included. Even so I still like it a lot.


Nice App. Fun!!

Good app

Wish it had more items for the price


And there's not 3000!!

not many emojis animated or otherwise

to pay $2.99 for this app not worth it as they dont have many emojis and what they have is not that great. a few are quite good. every time u open the app, you are badgered to write a review i am writing this so i will not be harassed with writing rating the app every time i open it


Fun app.

Have fun.

They make you laugh.

Its ok

Would like to see more birthday animations also good night ones too



Lots of Fun

The animated ones are great!!!

Cool App!!

Fun to use.

Do not buy

No different than the free version

To many

To many times asked to rate.

It's alright

Needs new emoji for a paid app.. at least make it interesting for people who buy..

Love it!!!!

Love it!!!!!

Keeps bothering you

Keeps asking for review. Constantly. Very annoying.

Five stars



Love these!!!!

Cool stuff


Superb !!!

My wife loves it when I send her these !!!

Great programs!!!'

I too agree about the asking to write a review. It never stops. Almost like the writer of such is afraid that he want cover every ones grips. He or she can't please all the folks all of the time. Some folks some of the time maybe. As far as I'm concerned I think it does a great job. The only thing I would like to see fixed is to make it easier to integrate the upgraded app into I-text. Like the first emoji program. Easy peasy, I believe. Just my thoughts. I love the little fellers. Tell lots of stories without getting into too much trouble. Keep up the good programming. My hats off to you.

Like it

Like it

Not bad, but constantly nagging for review

Fun app, worth a few bucks

Very funny!

I love these emojis, they are right on spot for my posts! I have not had any problems!

Nice selection

Looks very cool! Lots of choices!

Pro a joke

Got the pro version and hardly any new emojis. Plus keeps asking me to rate it. Junk.

Tons of emojis

Thought I would download this because I was getting bored with the stock ones. Worth it!

Fun app

I like the app, but it nags hard with upsells. Some ads are very noisy. Would pay even more for a nag free product, but I don't think thats available

Where's the difference?

Upgraded to the $2.99 version to get more emojis, where did you hide them?


Some are vulgar some are fine. I'd like to keep a few and kill,others. Is there a way to delete some items?

Read other people comment before you buy this

After upgrading it doesn't give you anymore emoji , so it makes you upgrade and does nothing just collect your money.

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