Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting App Reviews

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Kinda disappointed

I had it in mind that this would work as a keyboard, not... Wish it didn't use the "F" word in a couple of description sections as in under "sexy". Those are not sexy to me. Other than that, it's a pretty fun app.


Great so far

Nice ap.

I wish they would stop asking me to rate the ap after I bought it.


So where's the "adult" stuff?? What a waste of 3 bucks!


Lots of Emotions to decorate with!! I like Emoticons that are animated!!


It’s ok


A lot of fun!

Great app but

I would give it 5 stars but I wish it was integrated into the message keyboard for better flexibility.


Love this App


It’s fun and everybody who receives from me thinks it’s great!!!

It's okay

Keeps asking me to rate it...so annoying. Otherwise the app is okay.


It’s okay!


Works great. Only have to keep writing reviews. Asks to many times to rate it


It's a pretty fun app


LUV the App!!! STOP asking us to review it EVERY EFFING TIME I USE IT!!!!


Some nice faces to dress up messages. Haven’t been able to get it to work like it says though. I downloaded three different of these emoticons from App Store. Deleted them all. Then I remembered I had paid $2.99 for the no ads and other specials that come with that. So I went back and tried downloading three of them again. Couldn’t tell which ones I had downloaded like you usually can when you download apps and erase them. Don’t know which ones they were. I downloaded just two of them. This one of them. I wouldn’t mess with them again. Save your time. After having this app for a period of time now I cannot give it anymore than 1 star. I paid the extra $2.99 for no ads so I’ll keep it. If I send a message through it like you are to be able to they fail to send. I have to right a message through my iPhone app that phone comes with. Then if I want to add one of the Emoticons from this app I have to click over to it add it, click back to my my app already on my phone and send. Or write my message on my iPhone app then then to Emoticons and back. It just comes to that I haven’t been able to send a message using just Emoticons. With my iPhone already having the 11.3 it already has enough faces and motion emoticons it’s not worth the trouble. And it said it was compatible with my iPhone.


You don't get any for when you buy the app. It's the same emoji. I wasted $3 on this app :(

Nice app

Wish I could access these emojis through the text messages



Me too app

I would not recommend this app due to the constant begging for a rating. Better off getting a jar of mosquitos to annoy you.

Good except keep asking to review

This is good. But is annoying that keeps asking to review since I bought the Pro version.

Nice app

Needs a search button but icons are worth the $2.99 Buy the full version as the ads are annoying bit app is great!

Great app

Must buy!!!

Awesome fun !!

Awesome fun works great

Annoying as can be

Constantly wanting you to rate this app. Nothing like begging for approval.

Great job

Nicely done


Like the app. Wanted the mow xxx one tho

Great and Fun App

I use it to humor my wife and nieces. Would have gave more stars but apps can always improve right.

Fun but not great

It is fun but not what I had expected or wanted

Like it.

Good app

Fun app.

We his app is so much fun. My wife and I love it. We can’t stop talking about it.


Great app


Thought I was getting 3000 emojis???

Pop up extravaganza!!

Continually pops up a “rate this app” option.... even after I bought it. Good emojis... bothersome pop ups

Nice to have

Lots of funny things to use

Love it

Nice emoticons Highly recommend

App is a scam!

Just bought the full version and it’s not working with my phone. Tried sending an email to this Apps support link to get some help and it’s not in English! Not a happy camper right now…

Love it

Great app! My wife n I love it!

Great App

Many choices, looking forward to many more smileys!


App is so good to use


Constantly begging you to review and rate the app puts me right off


Cool app

It's awesome

It's funn, and awesome

Slow for I messenger

It takes a long time to send a message through iPhones messaging

It’s OK

The paid version promises more emojis. Once you purchase the things, you’re only getting no ads. There are no more emojis! But, it is still fun to use.

So far so good

I paid to get rid of the adds and to have more emojis. The adds are gone but dont see any more emojis than were already there. As for now I will give it 5 stars. My stars will go down if I keep getting blown up to review.


Could use more emoji's

The 3000+ is a false statement

Bought the full version because they claim there would be 3000+ emojis. Not even close. There are no more than the free version. I do not recommend paying for the full version.


Just ok !!!!!!!!!!!

Not what I thought

These are not worth purchasing.

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