Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting App Reviews

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Great app. Looking forward to new content!

Great app. Looking forward to new content!

Not worth 3.99

Lots of repeated emojis


I like them to send to some friends and they are like where did you get these

Nice program

Something easy to you and fun


This is amazing

Does not incorporate into the keyboard

I am quite disappointed because the emojis do not incorporate into the keyboard, making it very cumbersome to use them.


Good app

Love it

Love it. Lots of fun!


Some brown people would be nice


This app is a perfect example of why I don’t want to pay for them. It makes false claims of having so many great and numerous animated gifs. Yet after purchasing only to find out it has limited numbers of lame and unappealing content. All app purchases should be just like store purchases. You should get to try them for a day and if you don’t like it be able too return for a full refund.


This is awful it does Not Integrate with an iPhone keyboard. Why would I want something that I have to leave the app I’m in to accommodate TERRIBLE PLEASE REFUND ME


These are fun.

Fun App

I like this app! Fun emoties!

Well done – great app!

Very nicely done – need more explicit adult emoticons!


Only doing this so I can stop getting these reminders

Cute but need more options

There are too many duplicates!


How are you supposed to save these to your favorited folder

Not an upgrade

I paid for more emoticons and there isn’t many at all

Not great overall

The emojis are nice but I cannot use them directly in the iMessage app. Also, the emojis are heterosexual only, there are no rainbow flags or other more LGBT friendly emojis.


Fun app for playing with the wife

Cameron whitworth

It’s a cool app and cool faces that me and my wife send back and forth and have fun with it although could have more naughty faces lol


Being enjoying them by sending to girlfriend she likes them having a blast

Nice faces, but it’s room for better ;)

There are nice emoticons to choose from; but I’d love to see more options for female faces; there are many stereotypical associations- female emoticons for cheer leaders, but not for volleyball, or basketball players; male emoticons mostly for funny faces, or jobs, while the female emoticons show up for flirty looks.


Got the free app, but hate adds and the paid version was supposed to have more. So I paid for it and I have yet to see the difference. In fact the free app has more! Pretty disappointed. The paid version should have a lot more. Only gave it two stars because they have some great emojis.


Don’t waste your money on this app

They are fun

Live them

Review and Review and did I say Review!!!

My review is to review all the reviews on the reviews... Please review the review that I reviewed before I review another review.. So do u get it or do I need to review the review instructions before you review this review?? One more time REFUND!!!!!


Only wish is that you could send multiple emojis in the same text


Needs updates for paying customers big time


Nice pictures just wish I can bring up in messages while I’m texting

Cute ☺️

Well, I just have the paid version to save time by not having to go through ads. They’re very cute but not a whole lot of difference between the two versions. Nice variety of emoticons but paid version should be a little more interesting. SUGGESTION - It would be nice to have some more “greetings” emoticons like the “good morning/night” type or “have a good day”, “happy Monday/hump day/Friday/weekend”. Thanks 👍🏻


I love the emojis I think they r very fun!


Just what I was looking for!!!

So far So Right!

I have used other apps and found them to be boring and unable to update properly. Hopefully this Emoji App will be different and update the Emoji often, so far no issues with this app except the extremely expensive price they asked for from me to be “Ad Free”!! If they are worth the money I invested I will update this Rating to a much LOWER LEVEL OF RATING!! So, please stay with me and I’ll update within two months time! Thank you CombatNam🤔🎖


This guys emoji’s are OK. You might give it a try.


When I pay for something I don’t expect the constant asking to review it And adds popping up GARBAGE

Haven’t been able to even USE THE KEYBOARD

Because every time I tap ‘open’ it takes me to the App Store to rate it...so since I can’t honestly say its a good app from experience with using it, one star is what I rate it...until I can use the dang thing! Otherwise I’m deleting it from my phone if I can’t use it!


Needs to be a real keyboard that I can down load like the rest.


I like it.Works great on my iPad & iPhone 👍


Not overly impressed but there are some fun ones.

Cool app

Love it!


Fun emoticons, but doesn’t work like indicated. Only way to use them in texting is to save as a photo, then attach to the text message. That’s a pain.

Nice graphics

My biggest complaint is that this author seems to have several different programs similarly named. And they all have the same icons. I'm pretty sure this author is raking it in from people like me The by two programs thinking they are two separate programs but then find out it's just the same program renamed something slightly different. I'm going to request full refund for everything purchased at the App Store and never purchased from this particular author again. Plus the blog is in Chinese. So you can't even contact them for support.

Great Fun

Great app. Enjoy having fun with all the emojis. Def 5 star.

Good stuff

There’s some really good emojis in here

Love it

It serves my purpose. Seeing someone in the service and we communicate via text. The animated texts are delightful. I am not looking for anything really filthy. Just something to spice things up a bit. These do the trick. The rest I can take care of.

Great use it all the time

I love the animated ones


Like them well enough. Wish they had a few more and not so many repeated emojis.

Emojis are ok, rate this app spam ott

Omg every time you touch this app they want you to rate it... well my advice is stop harassing people

Cannot use with iMessage

It says that it was compatible with iPhone but you can’t use it with keyboard. I totally wasted $$$. DO NOT BUY.

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