Emoticons Keyboard Pro - Adult Emoji for Texting App Reviews

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Love it

It serves my purpose. Seeing someone in the service and we communicate via text. The animated texts are delightful. I am not looking for anything really filthy. Just something to spice things up a bit. These do the trick. The rest I can take care of.

Great use it all the time

I love the animated ones


Like them well enough. Wish they had a few more and not so many repeated emojis.

Emojis are ok, rate this app spam ott

Omg every time you touch this app they want you to rate it... well my advice is stop harassing people

Cannot use with iMessage

It says that it was compatible with iPhone but you can’t use it with keyboard. I totally wasted $$$. DO NOT BUY.

Fun app

I really like this app, it gives you many options from emojis to words to use. I am using the free version now with the app but plan to get the ad-free app soon without the ads. I Gabe four stars instead of five just because you have to go to the app, select the emoji you want then copy and paste. Other than that, I think it’s a great app!!!!

Best app EVER!!!

I love this app! I use it every day. I sent my wife funny emojis. Lol love it love it love it!! There is always an emoji for any occasion and they keep updating it. Thank you for making my text messaging more alive. Two Thumbs ups!!!

Not what I was expecting

I thought this app had dirty flirty emojis, it doesn’t, so don’t waste you money


Nice so far

A Lot

There is a lot of emoji in this app. Its good.

Review adult emoticons

Nice but needs to work with the keyboard


For any reason this app can not add to the new keyboard. I like so much the app but is difficult to use it because i can’t access in my keyboard and I must copy and paste to my mms. and I have back and forth from the application and copy and paste to send a messages. The rate app’s message is also to much frequent. Maybe you can update the app.


Although I like the characters it’s a shame it doesn’t show up when I use my App Store icon like bitmoji does!

Good application

Good app


Why can’t I put this app in my keyboard?


It says this is a keyboard. Not seeing the keyboard feature

Doesn’t work

Selected all my fav cannot use as or on keyboard, doesn’t even show up in settings as a keyboard waste! Have iPhone n iPad tried everything can copy n paste by then too late


Can't import into keyboard. Have to save as image. And the gifs don't show up as gifs in messages. Waste of money.

Force Me??

So I PAY for this d$&@! app and you are interrupting me for a rating at EVERY use and EVERY time I open this stupid thing?? Done. #DimeDozen DELETED.

Waste of money

Keeps on asking non-stop to rate it and simply not interchangeable with messenger et al.

Very upset

I had the free version and everything worked fine. I liked it enough to buy the no ad version and it now won’t send the animated ones on messenger. Fix this problem and I’d be willing to give 5 stars.

I was a little surprised you have to pay more for all Emjojis

This has some really ecellent animated Emojis and Gifs, but it never alerts you to that fact until you're trying to use one of those animated emojis. I'm only giving it 3 stars based on the non-notifications of added money to be spent. i may change my review based upon the quality & quantity of emojis & gifs. Also expect an additional update if it purely isn't worth the extra $$.

Cool, Fun

Easy to use. Works fine. Wish it could embed into IPhone emojis and not be a separate Appc but that’s livable.

Kewl stuff

An okay App. just wish you had the ability to copy it right away instead of thumbing through options first. Animation is cool.


I’m finding this app to be a lot of fun and I’m sure my friends and family will agree. Sometimes you can’t find words to express how your feeling but there’s always a emoji that can relay it for you. Yes these little guys are fun!

Decent free app

Don’t upgrade there are no more emojis in the full version that the free version. Completely bogus that you scroll down and it says “want more emojis get the full version” then you find out the full version really has no more emojis! Wasted money to basically not get the ads. 👎

Very nice app!

I enjoy adding these to my text messages. I wish that they would add a few more categories to the animated section and of EACH holiday.



One thing would make it better

One thing would make it better & that would be to add an intergration of the app to the iMessage window for easier use. It has lots of fun emojis & makes messaging fun again.

About purchase

I downloaded free version and loved it so I paid to get more emojis said there was lots more around 3,000 But when I paid $ 3.99 and download there might be about 50 more different if lucky along with all free ones and downloaded to different app screen not same app that was on phone! Please the purchased one does not have some that is on the free one! I would not have bought it if I new would not be more emojis plus same emojis from free app as well!

It's just what it says it is.

This is what I was looking for, so I got what I paid for.

Don’t waste your hard earned $

The only useful thing about this app is when I placed my finger on it until it starting shaking rapidly / then deleted it Doesn’t work on my iPhone 7s Refund please !

Can’t use most of it

Downloaded it paid the extra and can’t send any animated ones. Sends the plain ones fine but not the animated bunch. VERY disappointing for the price ya have to pay!

Like app, too much pressure to rate

I like the app but they press too hard for a rating kind of puts me off.


So does not work undeliverable I want my money back don’t waste yours

Over rates

The app promises more when you buy the no add version, then doesn't deliver. The free version had just as many and if fact one of my favorites is not in the paid version. Not worth spending money on the no add version.


App doesn’t appear as an option within messenger. Have to cut and past. Big hassle


I am enjoying this communication tool. I really enjoy the animation. I do not like continually being asked to rate the app - right in the middle of a text to a family member. Very irritating. Overall good. PS: under celebration no "Happy Mother's Day" :(


Love the stickers so far, but I’d rate it higher if you could access it right from the message app. I would use it more .

Needs R rated

Needs to have ADULT Emoticons!!!

So vute

They are awesome

Emoticon keyboard app

I love it! So far it’s a lot of fun!

You pay for "pro" and are still annoyed

The app kept bugging me to submit a review. So, here it is. Even after submitting a review multiple times the app bugs me every few minutes to submit one. Support does not respond. My only recourse is to request a refund.

Naughty Good

Pretty.... pretty.... pretty........ pretty good!


Cumbersome to use. Would like to be able to search for specific topics


Very cool



New emoticons

Does what it says it does

Love Emojis

So many cute Emojis Covers most emotions Creative placement covers even more ground Free vs paid No different Emojis Just no I'm interruptions

Still has pop ups after purchasing

I don’t write reviews. I got this in a whim. The free version is almost unusable because of ads and pop ups so I bought it. Still asks for a review in every screen. Hopefully this will make it stop. You get what you ask for.

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